Dreamland Collection

Flowers are an expression of nature that uses the universal language of love and energy to communicate with us. If you pay close attention, you’ll realise that in their short life, flowers live to the fullest.

By observing their life, flowers teach us to be in the present moment. Cherishing even the
smallest moment in life before we miss it forever. Similar is the nature of our dreams.


What is that feeling of escaping to the dreamland?

Everyday there will be moments where we find ourselves withdrawing from the noise of the world and be in a place where all our fantasies exist. We often never realise this moment and dismiss it as something that is not “reality”.

What is this feeling like inside the universe of our mind?

This collection captures the feeling we enter Dreamland for the first time. By designing a new luxury product that is encapsulated in rich experience and knowledge, taking you on a trip to a new universe.