Hand of God

For decades, we have been
exploring the universe outside of us for fictional naratives, entertainment and to search for answers. We escape to these fantastic worlds through science fiction and fantasy, exploring the vastness of the universe and imagining how it would be to exist somewhere else.

But, what if there is a universe that is the cause of everything that we know. Where do all these ideas come from? It is our human nature to see the effect and ignore the cause.

Our individual minds are a part of an infinite universe that is hidden in plain sight. Each of our world is unique. A huge collection of references and interests create stories, sceneries, characters, fantasies and mythologies in this world, causing the way we live in the physical dimension. All of this and yet for the majority, we aren’t able to visualise it let alone
control this world.

Welcome to
Hand of God.

Each episode will explore different parts of the
universe, continuing the story. The collection from these episodes will be filled with rich experience and products that will feel like they’ve come from
another universe.

Our first collection


is live now.
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